The Clear Lake Tea Party Executive Board has voted to endorse carefully selected candidates for public office.  To be selected for endorsement, they must have already demonstrated their commitment to Tea Party principles by being in the trenches with the Tea Party movement for a few years.  They don't just say they are "aligned with" or "in agreement with" Tea Party principles, but instead they have actually been fighting for those principles in spite of the hostility of the media and both political parties.  They are the real deal and have proven their credibility to us.  An endorsed candidate has received at least a super majority of votes from the CLTP Executive Board.

The Clear Lake Tea Party Board of Directors deliberated over multiple statewide and local races and chose candidates that best reflect our conservative principles and ideals. Candidate photographs stamped with our logo (shown left) are “CLTP Endorsed” and have either directly worked with our group or other tea party groups across the state to advance our principles on a regular basis. All other candidates mentioned in this guide are “CLTP Recommended” meaning that we believe once in office they will perform at or near a level consistent with our principles. 


Here is a PDF copy of CLTP's newspaper; click the link or image below to download and print.  This is a list of endorsements and recommendations for state-wide candidates, as well as some in Harris and Galveston County.

2014 CLTP Voter Guide

Primary Edition



Here is a PDF of the final ballot page (or click the image below) for you to print and hand out to your own family and friends.


To endorse a candidate on an individual basis, please complete the comment entry form below.

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